Ladies and gentlemen! You are the authors of your parties.
We just advise and prepare with pleasure everything you like.
Here is a sample menu for special occasions.
Starter: chicken jelly served with lemon on a salad leaf/baked goods
or salmon roulade with green salad and lemon/baked goods
Soup: mushroom cream with puff pastry croutons
or broccoli cream with puff pastry croutons
Main course: boiled potatoes with butter and dill, mixed salads

3 types of meat: rolled beef in a mushroom gravy
pork tenderloin in a cream gravy
baked chicken legs pickled in herbs

or 3 types of meat: chicken roulade in a mushroom gravy
beef goulash with vegetables
roast pork with gravy

Drinks: compote/mineral water/juices
Dessert: fruit cake
or ice cream with fruits and whipped cream
coffee or tea
Cold buffet Prepared according to your suggestions. It may be more traditional or modern,
just to satisfy your guest's delights.
If you're planning a party... call us!

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