In 1974 Maria II became sick and gave her place to her daughter, Anna Kwaśniewska, who first ran the restaurant together with her brother.

Due to the death of her uncle in 1984 and the further illness of her mother, Anna Kwaśniewska she decided to run the family business alone, running it under her own name. That state remained until 2008, when the Dominicans, the owners of the building where our family business was located, terminated the lease agreement after 74 years of its functioning in this place, because of a reason known only to them.

With big regret we said goodbye to 11 Sienna Street in order to start business in a different, but equally magical place in Cracow, at 10 Bohaterów Getta Square.

We changed the place, the name, but the atmosphere and the quality of meals served, under the watchful eye of Mrs. Anna, remained the same, because the customer has always been the most important for us. We invite you to visit our place, so you can see it for yourself.
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