The history of our restaurant reaches back to the year 1934, when Maria Mydlarczyk-Polewka rented premises at 11 Sienna Street in Cracow and founded one of the first restaurants in the city.

During occupation the small premises where the restaurant was situated, was shortly possessed by the Italians.

After the war Maria Mydlarczyk came back to her beginnings and during the communistic times fed the residents of Cracow, university and seminary students. During Stalinism, in 1952, Polewkowa's Restaurant ceased to exist, and in its place appeared a social collective feeding plant.

Grandmother Polewkowa waited for a suitable opportunity to return to her own. Such an opportunity came 4 years later and in 1959 the Jadłodajnia Restaurant returned to 11 Sienna Street . Since then till 2008 nothing has disturbed her functioning.

In 1962 Maria Polewkowa died and the family tradition was continued by her daughter, Maria Leśniak (called by the customers Maria II) and her son Jan Mydlarczyk.

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