It seems like this modest, familiar, domestic atmosphere has always accompanied us. It allows many of our customers to “stop time” just for a while. That's the way it was on Sienna Street and, as we hope, that's how it still is today at 10 Bohaterów Getta Square. We now have two halls where you can choose between “yesterday” and “today”.
If you would like to relax for a while among the pictures of the old Cracow, sit on old-fashioned chairs, which Grandmother Polewkowa left us together with the antique cupboard and the image of St. Anthony, then we invite you to hall 1. For those who prefer modern interiors, we furnished hall 2; a few simple wooden tables, quiet music coming from hidden speakers, coloured magazines, daily papers to browse and … an antique cupboard as the only accent from the past of this place,
decorated with old porcelain. If you come with your kids you can quietly eat your dinner while and your little ones can draw us a picture that will decorate our children’s corner, put together puzzles or play with blocks.

If you feel like coming with your family for a Saturday dinner – feel invited. Everyone will find something familiar and home style at an affordable price – because we cook from the heart from generation to generation.

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