We have been cooking for our guest for the past four generations from 1934, first at the small Jadłodajnia at 11 Sienna Street and from May 2009 at 10 Bohaterów Getta Square.

People don't come to us to have a fancy dinner or search for exotic tastes. There's pork chop, schnitzel, a piece of meat in a hot horseradish gravy, escallops, juicy spareribs, white sausage, tasty soups, old-fashioned compote. The customers come by for Russian raviolis, raviolis with meat or with seasonal fruits. We sometimes offer with noodles with sauerkraut and mushrooms, cabbage rolls, which you don't have time to prepare at home, we serve potato dumplings and pancakes with various filling. Very popular are potato pancakes with goulash, chicken in an onion-cream gravy borrowed from a private repertoire and de Volaille pork chops. And all this is varied with tasty additions: fried cabbage, beetroots with horse-radish or served warm or cold, and salads from carrots, cabbage or cabbage. For parties in our restaurant or at the customers' location we compose a special menu. Most of our dishes are made according to old, family recipes, followed since the time of Grandmother Polewka.

At our place everything is real,
tastes like home, cooked,
made on location.

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